Life Coaching : RPT

Rapid Personal Transformation coaching
Rapid Personal Transformation :
be happier and naturally confident. Using physical instincts to heal emotions. Instant, lasting and measurable results assured.

WuJi Gong Training

Wuji Gong training
A powerful yet simple Qi Gong form. Learn how to gently calm your mind, relax your body and unfold your destiny. Regain your inner peace with this mindful moving meditation.

RPT Training

RPT Training
Become a Rapid Personal Transformation Practitioner: support others in transforming their lives and rapidly heal emotions without having to discuss their problems.

Qi Gong classes

Qi Gong Classes
Learn to manage your stress, and cultivate your own energy and well-being through mindful breathing, body movements and meditation, leaving you centered and calm.


Nicholas Hall – intuitive life coaching and Qi Gong instructor based in Berkshire & Buckinghamshire.

I can support you in moving forward to fulfil your purpose in life.

I will show you how to de-stress, from anxiety, stressĀ and addiction to being centred, calm and confident, resilient to life’s challenges.

Learn how to conquer your stress so that you are in control of it, rather than stress ruling you: take back control of your life so that you can become master of your own destiny.

I guarantee measurable results within 2 sessions in my
life coaching consultations.

I combine conversation, meditation, Qi Gong and over 15 years “real world” business experience with a grounded, intuitive and results-based approach. I will assist you in transforming your life.

People like you have improved their lives with my support:



If you are stressed out, tired, or unhappy with your job or career, your relationships or your life, I have the solution for you.

Nicholas Hall

m: 07976 328997
t: 020 3239 7867

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