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Use Rapid Personal Transformation to:

      • Experience greater and lasting inner peace – and feel more centred

      • Improve low confidence and self-esteem

      • Have greater success in relationships – family, personal or at work and much more

      • Heal abuse and trauma from bullying

      • Overcome ante-natal issues including fears of giving birth

      • Resolve Post-natal trauma and symptoms of post-natal depression

      • Heal grief, depression and feelings of loss

      • Gain successful direction in life or in your career

      • Speak publicly free from anxiety

What is Rapid Personal Transformation?

‘RPT’ for short

RPT is a technique for personal development, healing and growth, all in one. It resolves big issues – whether they are mental, emotional, spiritual or physical, or relating to business. Formerly known as Reference Point Therapy, Rapid Personal Transformation is a “talking therapy”.

With measurable results within a session, RPT is a highly effective, lasting method. It helps you release and heal old emotions, trauma, blocks and issues that plague your life.

These blocks hold you back from being your most authentic self; a more confident, effective person; succeeding in relationships; over performing on your targets or getting rid of “old stuff” for good.

Rapid Personal Transformation helps you to restore the happy, confident, secure human being you are meant to be. It  is time to love your life, with freedom from limiting fears or conditions.

Why Rapid Personal Transformation?

Life should be enjoyable, happy and harmonious.

Making changes in your life should be fast, gentle and permanent. There is now a way to achieve big changes in your life, without being stuck in the past or reliving the baggage that goes with them.

As both a practitioner and user of therapies since 2000 I have always sought a fast, easy, gentle personal development and healing method. One that releases and clears deep blocks, emotions, patterns and trauma with phenomenal results. Even after one session.  A technique where there is no need to relive or discuss past issues or experiences.

Spare yourself many months or years of therapy. Rapid Personal Transformation works quickly: you no longer need to spend weeks, months or years in sessions. RPT is safe, it is fast and it works.

Everyone has the ability to be brilliant: RPT can assist you in rediscovering that you are already brilliant.

How does RPT work?

RPT simply works through a guided conversation. It resolves the true origin of your issues, which are rarely on the mental (thoughts) or emotional (feelings) level.

It is different because it works at the deepest part of your being. RPT releases the basic physical behaviour and survival instincts, which hold trauma, blocks and unwanted emotions in place. By bringing your conscious awareness to the instinct and its origin, everything that causes distress is rapidly released.

You will feel different following an RPT process. There is no unharmonious emotional ‘charge’ attached to the problem, situation or event.

There is no trickery, “re-programming” nor putting you to sleep. As RPT is purely a conversational technique, there is no interference with any medical treatments, religious or spiritual views.

Who can benefit from RPT? What areas of my life can it improve?

RPT can resolve a very wide range of issues and conditions.

Everyone can learn and benefit from RPT. It is suitable for adults as well as children. Treatment with me is with parental consent if the client is aged under 16.

If you have any of the following present in your life, Rapid Personal Transformation can assist you:

    • Build / raise / improve low confidence and self-esteem

    • Have greater success in relationships – family, personal or at work and much more

    • Heal abuse – including physical, emotional, sexual as well as heal the trauma from bullying

    • Ante-natal issues including fears of giving birth

    • Resolve / overcome Post-natal trauma and symptoms of post-natal depression

    • Overcome grief and feelings of loss

    • Release anxiety

    • Gaining successful direction in life or in your career

    • Speaking publicly free from anxiety

    • Increasing success in your career

    • Stopping smoking or other addictions

Experience RPT for yourself

Heal yourself and change your life for the better with a one to one consultation in RPT.

I provide RPT consultations in person at The Lotus Centre, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire (map).

I also offer one-to-one consultations in Rapid Personal Transformation over the phone or on Skype.

Contact me to make an appointment.

What can I expect in a consultation?

An RPT consultation is a focused yet gentle conversation and generally lasts for 60 to 90 minutes. In preparation you decide the area of your life you wish to develop or resolve. You will also be sent a brief session questionnaire to complete ahead of the first appointment.

The beauty of RPT is that you don’t have to relive or talk about past issues or experiences. You are safely guided to feel unwanted or unpleasant feelings around the issues, so that you can be finally free of them. We don’t spend time hunting around for the details of the trauma. Bringing your conscious awareness to the physical instincts is the key to resolving the trauma and the problems that result from it.

Changes are both instant and lasting – and as a result, you may find accelerated physical healing occurs. You will immediately feel different during a consultation and the changes have, so far, been proved to be permanent.

To find out more, please contact Nicholas.

RPT’s main site provides an extensive FAQ regarding consultations.

How many RPT consultations are needed?

Every human being is unique and so is a consultation in RPT. I guarantee measurable results within two sessions.

I ensure that results are quantifiable and measurable. Most issues will be cleared during one appointment, yet some issues could require a further small number of consultations to resolve entirely.

Further theory

As human beings we are the sum total of our ancestors: we carry their DNA. We inherit the genes of both our mother and father and all their generations before them. Our genetic make-up determines us as unique individuals, physically and otherwise.

The new science of epigenetics shows that emotions, feelings or trauma may be passed on to the child from its parents, or previous generations. This ‘ancestral trauma’ directly affects our own lives.

The trauma that a human being experiences is ‘recorded’ or stored in the body’s cells. As an example, grandchildren of war survivors have been shown to have the same traumatic symptoms or feelings as their grandparents; even if the grandchild has never experienced a similar situation in their own lifetime.

For example, a grandfather may understand why and how he felt about his devastating experiences – such as despair or depression. He was actually present at the time: he “lived to tell the tale”, survived and went on to have children. The grandfather’s children – descendants – inherit the intense feelings and issues, however these grandchildren (or great-grandchildren and beyond) are unable to understand why they feel so despairing or depressed.

RPT is able to resolve the traumatic experience, no matter how many generations since the events.

RPT and the Triune Brain Theory – a video introduction

RPT – its background
Simon and Evette Rose are the co-creating founders of RPT. Its influences include Peak States – a body of work by Grant McFetridge, Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian healing tradition, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Soleira Green’s work on ‘beingness’ and consciousness expansion. More recently, RPT draws influence from the work of both Robert Scaer and Peter Levine on how the body stores and responds to trauma.

Learn Rapid Personal Transformation

Experience RPT and its theory in full detail for yourself by taking the RPT training courses.

        • Be your own healer, counsellor and coach in the most effective, lasting method for self development and growth!

There are three levels of courses:

        • Level 1 – “Healing That Works” – no previous therapy or healing experience necessary


        • Level 2 – “Advanced Rapid Personal Transformation” – includes Practitioner accreditation


        • Level 3 – “Mastering The Miraculous” – Simon and Evette Rose’s magnum opus of healing and development

Nicholas currently teaches RPT levels 1 and 2.

My personal experience of Rapid Personal Transformation and others’ testimonials

Nicholas Hall and RPT

When I first discovered RPT for myself, I experienced a deeper healing than any modality that I have studied or practiced. RPT’s beauty is its speed and ease to make enormous differences in my life and the gentle change in reactions to the issue at hand. I felt a true sense of peace regarding the issue I worked on, every time.

I knew that this was the ideal therapy to support others, which is why I now provide it to clients in consultations. I also show others how to heal and develop themselves (or their own clients) by teaching RPT courses.

People like you use RPT to feel happier, be more successful and have more peace in their lives:

…very helpful and compassionate…session was very deep and the healing I received was wonderful. Nicholas helped me find the deepest block to my self-esteem….helped me feel more centered and calm.


Nicholas Hall is qualified in RPT to level 3, master practitioner level, as taught by Simon and Evette Rose in London, UK during 2009.

Nicholas is also certified and licensed to teach level 1 RPT and level 2 – advanced Rapid Personal Transformation.

Find out more about me on the ‘About’ page.
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